2017 Technology Upgrades

Torah Day School is back from Summer Break with some exciting technology updates to share!

WiFi and Educational Technology

The school has installed several WiFi access points around campus, blanketing the school in reliable, high-quality access for school-sanctioned devices. In addition to laying the groundwork for several exciting projects and a rapidly evolving educational technology strategy, this also introduces immediate opportunities for teachers to leverage technology in their teaching.

In that vein, the school recently purchased several Google Chromebooks for student use in blended learning scenarios, particularly in math (where, in select grades, we now offer as many as four different levels of instruction).

Support and Infrastructure Enhancements

The school recently made major changes to its IT infrastructure and management to improve stability and lower costs. We have installed a new server to handle our school network and file/printer sharing, and – for the first time – introduced a backup server to provide redundancy in case of any issues with our primary server. This will alleviate many of the network failures and outages that have plagued the school in recent years.

We also switched to a new Managed Services Provider will manage the school’s technology and support our users on a day-to-day basis. They have already proven themselves a valuable partner through their extensive work to help us prepare for the new school year.

Google for Education

We are pleased to announce that the school has migrated its emails and cloud-based solutions to Google for Education and its flagship G-Suite, which includes Gmail, Calendar, Drives, Sites, and more. Google provides this suite of tools free of charge.

We have already begun to leverage these tools by issuing familiar, Gmail-based TDSD.org accounts to all staff and faculty, and creating a new Staff/Faculty Portal to centralize important resources.

Evolving Technology Strategy

We are committed to exploring and implementing new ways to leverage technology to bolster the academic success of our students. We are excited to welcome Mr. Yossie Frankel from CIJE (The Center for Innovation in Jewish Education) to TDSD later this month to partner with us on the development of a 3 to 5-year technology plan to expand on the capabilities we have already begun to add.