Letter from Rabbi Pekier

As we come to the end of the school year, it’s a time to look back, reflect, and thank. Firstly, I would like to thank our incredible staff, to the Morahs, teachers, and Rabbeim, who gave 100% every day under the most challenging circumstances. Not knowing if we were going to be on zoom or in person, how many people would be on zoom, and how many in-person, navigating situations that were unimaginable and nearly impossible, and to do it for months consecutively is absolutely incredible. Making packets on the spur of the moment because there was a sudden exposure is truly remarkable. Having to deal with stressful situations on a daily basis and to continue to come back day after day… I can’t thank you enough. Wearing masks for hours uninterrupted, and keeping the same passion and excitement, is astonishing. It shows your level of love and affection for your students and our school, for which I am eternally grateful.

I would also like to thank our parents for your partnership. Knowing how hard it was for you to balance your children’s schedules with your own jobs, making sure your children were doing what they were supposed to be doing, being where they were supposed to be, and staying on top of your children’s work… arranging and managing childcare while there was chaos all around, sometimes without warning, is extraordinary. For this, I am forever thankful.

To you, our talmidim and talmidos. What you had to endure, suffer, survive, and tolerate was genuinely phenomenal. How you adapted to every situation almost flawlessly, is a testament to how special each and every one of you are. You faced challenges that no one before you ever had to confront and you triumphed. How each and every one of you grew so nicely and persevered, sometimes not knowing what was coming next, is a demonstration of how awesome and fabulous you are, and b’ezras Hashem will continue to turn out to be. Thank you for being you!

May Hashem Yisborach send each and every one of you a shefa of bracha, nachas, hatzlacha, gezunt, simcha, and kol tuv. May you all have a restful summer and I look forward to greeting you all Yud Tes Elul, August 27th.