TDSD is a volunteer organization of parents and teachers working together to foster an environment in which our children can thrive.

PTA Charter

The PTA primary focus is the children and teachers. Member meet, provide support for the faculty, volunteer for school functions, organize fundraisers and special events for parents & teachers. As a result a safe and warm environment is created enabling our children to learn and grow.

Why Volunteer?

The Children need you! By volunteering you help instill in the children a sense of pride and a place in the community. Additionally many studies indicate PTA members are more involve and informed.

Being involved in the PTA results in your knowing the faculty, staff, and other parents providing you with an opportunity to serve those who matter the most – Our Children.

How are my PTA Dues Used?

  • PTA Provides weekly hot lunch
  • Family gifts give out gift for new families, Rosh Ha Shana, Chanukah, Purim and other special occasions to the students and their families.
  • Recognition of Teachers Birthdays
  • Special Programs such as chessed, speakers, back to school picnic
  • Teachers Appreciation week and a Donation to the school
  • Yearbooks and School photos