All of the G.O. events [extra-curricular activities for girls] make school so much fun.— 7th Grade Girl

There are many areas in which we educate our girls at TDSD. We teach them Chumash, history, math, language arts, social skills, how to reach beyond yourself, to give, to care … and that sometimes it’s important to just have fun.

On the first day of each month the girls receive a calendar for the month listing all the extra curricular activities taking place that month. Each grade has two activities per month:

  • One which gives the girls an opportunity to bond with their teachers outside of the classroom and to create a positive group feel
  • One that allows them to reach out and help others.

Every Rosh Chodesh the 4-8th grade girls get together to enjoy a well planned assembly. They watch a performance on the theme of the month by one if the classes, enjoy some team building activities, and enjoy a powerful workshop by a guest speaker.

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