Middle School Boys (MSB) activities at Torah Day School are designed to promote to a positive culture in the school emphasizing good middos and a love of mitzvos. Special activities relating to holidays, guest lectures from speakers from around the world and group activities are scheduled monthly to build school spirit and put the values and goals of TDSD into action.

Activities include:

  • attending speeches and gaining inspiration from outside speakers
  • Ice breaking activities for the first day of school
  • Draidel Olympics
  • Purim Kos (color war)
  • a pre-Pesach Matzah Bowl (football game)
  • an alumni basketball game.

The monthly kumzits before Rosh Chodesh and periodic Onegs on Friday nights at the homes of the Rebbeim imbue the boys with the beauty of the Torah and illustrate the special relationships between the students and their Rebbeim.

The Mekadshei Shevii program is designed to enable parents to motivate their children to attend Shul every Shabbos and Yom Tov. The boys earn points for sitting in shul with their parents, and are treated to a delicious BBQ lunch to reward them for their efforts!

Wednesday evenings are another opportunity for our students to bond with their Rebbeim, learn additional material in a non-pressured environment and to experience the TDSD value of learning for learning’s sake. Our weekly Mishmar program for boys grades 6-8 is held in private homes, refreshments are served and all the participants join together for Maariv before returning home.

“Super Sunday”, our name for Sunday learning is held most Sundays throughout the school year. With trips throughout the year, raffles for exciting prizes and seforim, and time for sports every week, this optional program attracts the majority of the students in grades 4-8. A Sunday morning Father and Son minyan starts off the program, making it convenient for dads to bring their sons for additional extra-curricular learning and fun!

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