The TDSD Preschool lays the foundation for a lifetime of learning. Children are introduced to science, math, literacy and writing skills in the context of a rich Judaic curriculum that includes holidays, middos (character traits), and the weekly Torah portion. Children in the our preschool are learning lifelong skills to become independent thinkers and problem solvers.

Most importantly, TDSD’s preschoolers learn how to get along with others. A major emphasis in all preschool classes is the development of social skills and good middos (character traits). These lessons are taught through drama, song, and crafts, and are reinforced during play time.

Monthly “In-Trips,” enriching what we are learning, are a highlight for both our staff and our students. Our Sensory Gym Program, unique to TDSD, helps students reach developmental milestones in gross and fine motor areas and has been shown to increase classroom learning. Our weekly music program exposes our students to rhythm, tempo, and even choreography.

Every day is a special day here at TDSD! Call and make an appointment to see us in action!

Torah Day School is proud to be a recipient of scholarships from the Helen E. Risch Preschool Scholarship Endowment Fund of the Dallas Jewish Community Foundation.

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Every day is “Open House” at TDSD. Please contact Becky Udman to schedule a tour of the school and receive additional information on our programs.

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