Our mission is to be an exemplary educational institution that provides Jewish children from all levels of family observance with a rigorous and progressive general studies curriculum and an exceptional Judaic curriculum. We seek to impart to each of them a positive Jewish identity,a lifelong passion for learning, and a love of and commitment to Torah and the Jewish people. Torah Day School of Dallas’s positive and nurturing environment emphasizes moral and ethical behavior, encouraging individual achievement and respect for individual differences.

To accomplish this mission, Torah Day School of Dallas will:

  • attract and retain a professional, qualified faculty who have love for our children and commitment to their growth and well-being;
  • make learning meaningful and relevant, setting high academic standards while being sensitive to the individual needs of each student;
  • involve parents in their children’s education through strong communication, parent enrichment programs and volunteer opportunities.

Torah Day School of Dallas instills in each student the following values:

  • Love of Torah study for its own sake and a desire to make Torah study a part of daily life.
  • Derech Eretz: treating others and speaking about others with respect and dignity,thus creating a caring, moral community.
  • A strong sense of ethics, so that character development is seen as an integral part of being Jewish.
  • A sense of Kedushah (Holiness) regarding speech, action, thought and dress.
  • Ahavas Yisroel: love and respect for each and every Jew and the Jewish people as a whole.
  • Love for Israel.
  • Respect and reverence for Torah scholars, past and present.
  • Respect for the Halachic process, whereby Orthodox Rabbis are consulted before one makes decisions relating to Halachic issues.