History of Torah Day School of Dallas

In the late 1990’s, as the Jewish community of Dallas grew in size, a group of parents recognized that Dallas could sustain another day school, one which would expand the options available to families. After many parlor-style meetings, the decision was made during the fall of 2002 to launch Torah Day School of Dallas. Despite “small” details like the need for a school building, a Headmaster, curriculum, teachers and students, the steering committee of parents and community members remained steadfast and focused on the goal of creating a one-of-a-kind school, ready to open doors in the fall of 2003.

New schools are typically advised to begin with a Kindergarten class, and to add a new grade each year. Even at the time, TDSD’s founders knew that their decision to take a more ambitious path was a bit meshugena. The founders were so committed to making sure that every child could be a part the Torah Day School experience that from its inception the school offered classes from nursery through eighth grade.

In January of 2003, just eight months before the opening of school, the pieces of the puzzle began to fit together when the steering committee found bright and pioneering administrators to lead the fledgling school. Rabbi Udman, our Headmaster, took the leadership of the school. Dr. Chana Ruderman, our Academic Dean, oversaw the development of a K-8 curriculum that has proven to be dynamic and successful. Together they began interviewing teachers, and found highly qualified and committed individuals who remarkably signed on before a building even existed.

Richard and Shelly Glazer secured a building on a four-acre lot on the northeast corner of Hillcrest and Frankford Road. The tireless effort that they exerted, helping us jump through the hurdles of neighborhood associations, city planning and zoning—not to mention working with architects and Joe Funk construction to, in short order, turn a once 38,000 sq. ft. grocery store into a state of the art educational environment—defies description. We definitely received a lot of help from the One above.

In the spring of 2003, the steering committee projected that TDSD would most likely open with 125 students. We underestimated the shared vision and the desire for the experience that Torah Day School would offer, and in August 2003, on schedule, Torah Day School opened with 175 eager children.
Now in our 11th year, we are blessed with an enrollment of 315 beautiful children. This dynamic growth didn’t just happen. Rabbi Udman, Dr. Ruderman, our Rabbis and our teaching faculty have produced a learning environment that is now recognized nationally, from coast to coast. Our students are happy, excel academically, and are building the foundation to live fulfilled lives.

Families have moved from cities across the country and from Israel to be a part of Torah Day School of Dallas and to experience the vibrant Jewish community we enjoy in Dallas.

The seeds have been planted. The children are growing and the future is extremely exciting. Together as a community we are creating the foundation for the next generation of business and community leaders, entrepreneurs, professionals, philanthropists, and successful parents. We are confident that TDSD graduates will continue to leave an indelible mark on our community here in Dallas, throughout the United States, and in Israel.